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Commercial Landscaping Services


Our Process

Starting with a comprehensive consultation by one of our expert commercial landscape installation project managers, we develop an appropriate landscape analysis which includes taking measurements, photographs, and talking with the prospective client about their needs and vision. RLB’s licensed landscape architects and designers can then draw a plan that is specifically tailored to the client needs. A well-detailed proposal with the cost quote and planning process overview is prepared for presentation to the client.

Commercial Landscape Installation | Irrigation | Retaining Walls & Hardscapes

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Irrigation is a key factor for making your property look lush and full of life! Get commercial sprinkler installations and irrigation systems installed by the best irrigation company in Atlanta, Augusta & Greenville! 

Retaining Wall & Hardscapes

When slopes and hilly lands are not providing the right function for your landscape, getting a retaining wall can improve the look and organization of the landscape. Retaining walls create barriers, build walls, prevent erosion and improve design appeal. 

RLB Landscape Group Commercial Fertilization
8 Round Fertilization Program
  1. Pre-emergent herbicide to control annual grasses and weeds.

  2. Pre- and post-emergent weed control will continue to protect the lawn for any future active weeds.

  3. Fast release fertilization with iron to bring Bermuda/Zoysia out of dormancy.

  4. Controlled-release fertilization to maintain good health and optimal color.

  5. Controlled-release fertilization to actively feed your lawn for good health.

  6. Pre and post emergent weed control. This application prepares your lawn for the winter dormancy.

  7. Pre-emergent weed control to continue protecting your lawn against active weeds.

  8. Limestone supplement to help maintain good health and color.